Lumberjack Games

When playing lumberjack games you must maintain your concentration at all time in order to win. A series of different lumberjack inspired games are ready for you to take on. Experience a real old fashion lumberjack challenge, and prove that you're the master! On your way through Lumberjack Games you will meet several different challenges and games to compete in. There's a huge motivation factor in those games seeing as you play for trophies. Every mini game has its different challenge, and you can do everything from hot saw to speed climbing and much more. The variation of the mini games will make you continue as there are so many different tasks to complete.

The simplicity of those games makes it far more interesting than it would be otherwise. You mostly use up to three buttons to play, and the action key is X. The X key is the most used, and you use it in mostly all of the different challenges, whether you are going to climb a log or saw of a bit of wood. There are several humoristic elements in those games. The graphical art is way over average for online games, and with 3D characters and elements you won't stop playing till you've reached the end! The background music is really old style farmers' music, and the sound effects really make the gaming experience quite enjoyable for everyone who likes this kind of lumberjack games which is a mixture of both stress and entertainment.